Realizing the Information Society through Refurbishment - Ringrow

Company Profile

Company NameRINGROW CO., LTD.
CEOToshiyuki Ikari
Tokyo Office Location4th Floor Forum IS Building
2-77-5 Ikebukuro
Toshima-ku, Tokyo
171-0014 Japan
Yamagata Branch1072 Nagasawa
Funagata-machi, Mogami-gun
999-4605, Japan
Nagoya Office Location2-5-43,Tsutsui,Higashi-ku
Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken
Warehouse Location2-12-8 Nobitome
Saitama-ken, 352-0011Japan
Malaysia Office35th floor,Soho suites
KLCC 20, Jalan Perak
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Devisions & Departments
  • Management Department:
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • General Management
  • Public Relations
  • Sales Department:
  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • International Sales
  • Business Planning Department:
  • Mobile Disposal Service
  • B to B Technical Support
  • Technical Assistance Department:
  • Production Control
Business Formation2001/07/03
CapitalJPY 10 Million
Annual Sales
  • Fiscal Year 2002  JPY 300 Million
  • Fiscal Year 2003  JPY 400 Million
  • Fiscal Year 2004  JPY 450 Million
  • Fiscal Year 2005  JPY 730 Million
  • Fiscal Year 2006  JPY 690 Million
  • Fiscal Year 2007  JPY 800 Million
  • Fiscal Year 2008  JPY  1.0 Billion
  • Fiscal Year 2009  JPY 600 Million
  • Fiscal Year 2010  JPY 500 Million
  • Fiscal Year 2011  JPY 400 Million
  • Fiscal Year 2012  JPY 700 Million
  • Fiscal Year 2013  JPY  1.1 Billion
  • Fiscal Year 2014  JPY  1.8 Billion
  • Fiscal Year 2015  JPY  2.5 Billion
Number of Staff100 Employees (including outsourcing and part-time staff)
Main customer banks
  • The Saitamaken Shinkin Bank
  • Japan Net Bank
  • Seibu Shinkin Bank
  • The Tokyo Tomin Bank
  • Japan Finance Corporation
  • The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
  • The Musashino Bank, Ltd.
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission Permission
  • No. 305501505189
  • Selling of Second Hand Equipment

  • Saitama Prefecture Public Safety Commission Permission
  • No. 431030009376
  • Selling of Second Hand Equipment

  • Aichi Prefecture Public Safety Commission Permission
  • No. 541021601400
  • Selling of Second Hand Equipment

  • Yamagata Prefecture Public Safety Commission Permission
  • No. 241050000949
  • Selling of Second Hand Equipment

  • License of Dispatching Employees
  • Patent 11-300626

  • Copyright Of Stock Management System
  • P No.8245-1

  • Custom Issuance Code (Import and Export Code)

  • Privacy Mark
  • No.10530081

Organization Chart


Company History

 Actions & Achievements
2001.07Repair System Service Co. Ltd. Founding
Opened Headquarters in Kawaguchi City
2001.10Licensed by Saitama Prefecture Public Safety Commission to sell Second Hand OA Equipment
Began Outsourcing of Business Services
2001.11Started Posting on Yahoo! Auctions
Began Business on Bidders
2001.12Opened Toda Sales Office
2002.02Started Internet Sales on
2002.03Began Posting on EasySeek Rakuten Free Market
2002.07Opened Hakodate Mihara Sales Office
2003.02Transferred Hakodate Mihara to Hakodate Tomioka Office
2003.04Registered at Kawaguchi Chamber of Commerce and Industry
2003.07Moved its Headquarters from Kawaguchi to Saitama City
2003.08Started Outsourcing for North Foods
2003.09Joined the Toda SOHO Digital Business Cooperative Membership
Began NCV Handling
2003.11Started Yahoo! Business Express
2003.12Ended Outsourcing for North Foods
2004.02Licensed by Hokkaido Public Safety Commission to sell Second Hand OA Equipment
2004.03Cancelled Membership of Kawaguchi Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Attained Membership of Urawa Corporation Association
Acquired Copyright of Stock Management System P No. 8245-1
2004.04Joined Saitama Chamber of Commerce and Industry
2004.09Increased Capital to \10 Million
2004.10Renamed Repair System Service Co. Ltd. to RSS Co. Ltd.
2004.11Began DR Inspection Business
Donated Sumatra Earthquake Relief Funds
2005.03Registered PCaGOGO as B to C Trademark
Opened the PCaGOGO Shop in Omiya
Started Repair Services for Individual Customers
2005.08Began Business on Amazon Electronics
2005.09Transferred EC Website from to
2005.11Omiya West Gate Store began Sales on
2005.12Named as the Corporate Website
Completed Product Management System RK2
Attained Membership of PC Auction
2006.01Started B FLET OCN Plala Handling
2006.03Established the Domestic Wholesale Division
2006.06Joined Japan Used Information Equipment Business Association
2006.07Opened Sasame Distribution Center
Moved Toda Office from Nizo to Sasame
Attained Membership of Orix Rentec Auction
2006.09Renewed PCaGOGO Omiya West Gate store
Exit from EasySeek Rakuten Free Market
2006.11PCaGOGO began Posting on Rakuten Market
2006.12Began Yahoo!BB Agency
2007.01Renewed PCaGOGO Rakuten Market Store
2007.03Started Posting on I Town Page
2007.06Hakodate Shop began Posting on
Omiya West Gate Store and Hakodate Store started sharing Products from Rakuten Market Store on
2007.08Donated Niigata Chuetsu-oki Earthquake Relief
2007.11The Rakuten Market Stores (Omiya West Gate & Hakodate) began Posting on
2008.01Started the FAQ on
2008.02Paused Posting on Amazon Electronics
2008.03Ended I Town Page Posting
Ceased Posting on Bidders
Introduced Point System on
2008.11Implemented Flex Time System
Participated in Team -6%
2008.12Joined Saitama Prefecture Support for Raising Children
2009.01Launched Assist Division
2009.03Opened Bijogi Warehouse
Gained Coverage in the Recycling Communication 3/10
2009.04Acquired the Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher Program
2009.05Moved PCaGOGO Omiya West Gate Store to Toda Office
United PCaGOGO Omiya West Gate Store & Assist Division and renamed them to Terrestrial Digital Support Store
2009.08Attained Membership on Benefit One
2009.09Exhibited on Benefit One WLB
2009.12Stopped Posting on
2010.03Withdrew from Membership of Urawa Corporation Association
2010.05Opened Uchiya Sales Office
Relocated Bijogi Warehouse to Uchiya Sales Office
2010.07Sold Ownership of PCaGOGO Hakodate Store
2011.02Integrated Uchiya Sales Office with Sasame Sales Office
2011.12Withdrew Benefit One Membership
2012.01Started Office Support Division
2012.03Resumed Business on Amazon
2012.05Renamed the BtoC Store PCaGOGO to PC Store Saikido
2012.06East Japan Earthquake Relief Donations
2012.11Renewed Saikido Page on Rakuten
2012.12Started Mobile Phone Collecting Service
2013.02Renewed Corporate Website
2013.03Opened Ikebukuro Office
Began Posting on Alibaba
2013.07Renamed the Company Name from RSS Co. Ltd. to Ringrow .Co., Ltd. with the Business Expansion
2014.04Opened the Misato Warehouse
2014.09Licensed for International Sales
2014.10Renewed Corporate Website
2014.12Moved its Headquarters to Ikebukuro
2015.01Licensed by Tokyo Prefecture Public Safety Commission to sell Second Hand OA Equipment
2015.04Changed Name of PC Store Saikido to Ringrow
2015.05Nepal Earthquake Relief Donations
2015.10Transfer of the warehouses in Sasame and Misato, to the warehouse of Niiza
2015.11Started the first marketing operations in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
2016.03Started the office operation in Nagoya
2016.04Implementation of the employees family re-connection vacation system -Roots-
2016.06Foundation of RINGROW MALAYSIA SDN. BHD. (Malaysia)
2016.07Licensed by Aichi Prefecture Public Safety Commission to sell second-hand OA equipment
2016.08Opening of Employees' Relaxation Space Corporate Site Renewal
2016.09Launch of CEO Toshiyuki Ikari's blog
2016.10Started distribution of I Love U computers
2017.01Acquired Privacy Mark
2017.02Signed business partnership with Kingsoft Corporation
2017.03Established within the company the qualification system "Master of Rebirth Exam"
2017.04Opening of Nagasawa School Building