Realizing the Information Society through Refurbishment - Ringrow

Environmental Policy

Through the Reuse of IT equipment, we reduce the negative environmental impacts and prevent unnecessary disposal, making the devices, once again, operational and ready for use.
At Ringrow, we take the protection of resources and the environment
very seriously.

Our policy aims in the immediate information support in ways to avoid pollution.
By prolonging the life span of certain devices such as Laptops and mobile phones,

we are decreasing the production of new devices, therefore preventing the waste of valuable natural materials, which are essential for keeping our planet healthy.

The name of our company, RINGROW, declares all the principals about environmental protection.

The Environmental Policy into our Business:
- Our products run through a detailed checking, upgrading and cleaning process before they end up safely packaged to our customers.

-If any device presents any kind of dis-functionality, will be recycled by the international standards,in cooperation with official recycling companies.

Disposal Service for Mobile phone Devices
Ringrow, along with the main recycling services for Computers, also offers a disposal service for mobile phones, since a large number of people neither sell nor recycle their mobile phones after they replace them with new ones.

Therefore, we offer the specific service for accepting the used mobile phones from our customers and in case of any dis-functionality, we take care of properly recycling the device. In Ringrow, in order to motivate the process of mobile phones recycling, we offer bonuses for each 1000 devices we collect.