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Privacy Policy

RINGROW CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as ¡ÈRINGROW¡É) pays close attention to the management of personal information (¡Èpersonal information¡É shall mean information about a living individual which can identify the specific individual by name, date of birth or other description contained in such information (including such information as will allow easy reference to other information and will thereby enable the identification of the specific individual). The same shall apply below.) due to a characteristics of information service industry that handles privacy. RINGROW abides the voluntary regulatory standards and establishes the following basic policy pertaining to the handling of personal information to prevent the leakage of personal information and protect personal information.

£±¡¥Personal Information Acquisition, Use and Provision

RINGROW does not acquire and use your personal information without obtaining your consent. RINGROW use it only for the scope necessary to do the following business that obtain your consent. In addition, in case if RINGROW entrusts the management of personal information to a third party, RINGROW only makes the confidentiality agreement with some business operator who RINGROW judges reliable.
  • [RINGROW¡Çs Business]
  • - To sell/purchase OA equipment
  • - To divide OA equipment
  • - To delete OA equipment¡Çs data
  • - To check OA equipment¡Çs components
  • - To clean OA equipment
  • - To ship OA equipment
  • - To install OS
  • - To enter data
  • - To do maintenance support
  • - To place and set OA equipment
  • - To collect mobile phones
  • - To recruit in general

£²¡¥Act on the Personal Information Management, National Established Guidelines and Others to abide regulations

RINGROW prepares the act on the personal information and company regulations as ¡ÈPersonal Information Protection Management System¡É. RINGROW makes all employees (company officers, full-time staff, contract staff, part-time staff and temporary staff) obey the importance of personal information and the basic policy to abide the ¡ÈPersonal Information Protection Management System¡É for the personal information protection also abide the act on the management of personal information, national established guidelines and other things to abide regulations.

£³¡¥Prevention of Leakage Loss or Damage and the Rectification

Personal is managed strictly by persons responsible and in charge to take appropriate measures for the leakage prevention, loss or damage. RINGROW detects illicit access by third parties thoroughly by firewall and antivirus program also RINGROW will improve it continuously.

£´¡¥Dealing with Complaints and Inquiries

Please use the following contact details to make any complaints and inquiries regarding personal information. Moreover, parties wish to disclose, correct in the case there is errors or terminate the use are requested to the inquiries desk. After the request is confirmed that the requesting party is in fact the party in question through a prescribed procedure, RINGROW will meet them.

£µ¡¥Continuous Improvement of Personal Information Protection Management System

RINGROW reconsiders its Personal Information Protection Management System periodically and shall improve it continuously.
Toshiyuki IKARI, CEO
1 September 2015