Realizing the Information Society through Refurbishment - Ringrow


All of our products are refurbished under the quality process of Ringrow.

Our specialty is not only the cleaning and the general checking of the devises, but also the upgrading of the hardware and the updating of the Operation system.

Flaw Check and Reset
The first step of the refurbishing process is the external cosmetic check of the devise and the eradication of data.
Applicable Component Exchange
During this stage, the damaged hardware parts are replaced with brand new,or functioning refubrished parts.
Installation of the OS
In this stage we install a new, authorized Operation System in the device.
The product is carefully and thoroughly cleaned.
Running Test
We always take care for even the smallest detail during the testings, such as display, sound, keyboard and mouse operation checks. If the product is properly functioning, it passes to the final stage.

Final Check
Upon a successful final test, the item is safely packed with strict care and attention, and then dispatched to the customer.