A Word from the CEO

We take the road less traveled, because I want Ringrow to be
a company that keeps taking on challenges.

With about 200 employees, we are a small/medium-sized business that mainly refurbishes OA equipment.
We collect and purchase OA equipment for refurbishment, retail, and wholesale nationwide.

Ringrow has something that clearly sets it apart from other companies: We are strongly aware of the path that is not chosen by the public, or “the road less traveled.”

Ringrow was established when the IT bubble burst in 2001. Since then, we have been taking on the initiative in businesses and services that are considered unlucrative and undesirable. The reason why we place importance on these businesses is that although the road less traveled is considered difficult, unprofitable, and not worth the investment, this kind of work is impactful for the world and the industry. I think that this work results in differences and strengths compared to other companies.

For me, Ringrow’s unique initiative of offering used computers with unlimited guarantee and reimagining closed schools is a treasure trove.

At first glance, our work with closed schools, “Welcome Back Shugakko Project,” does not appear to be a profitable business in the least. However, the most important aspect of this project is how we can gain the trust of locals; what matters, is the foundation of our connections. We believe that with the expansion of these connections, there will be a return to Ringrow that is an overall gain, rather than a short-term profit or loss for one school. In fact, we are gradually starting to see real results from this project.

The reason we are challenging ourselves to take the road less traveled is because we truly care about our customers.

I will continue to focus on choosing the road less traveled in new ventures and make efforts to create organizations and services that will ultimately serve our customers.