Company Overview

Company Name

Ringrow Co., Ltd.


Toshiyuki Ikari


4F Metrocity Nishi-Ikebukuro, 5-1-3 Nishi-ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

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2-12-8 Nobitome, Niiza, Saitama 352-0011

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Overseas Offices

Ringrow Computers Trading L.L.C(Dubai)
166(61 Floor) A.B.Y BUSINESS CENTER Office Number A207, AL GARHOUD VIEWS Building, Dubai UAE


【Sales Strategy Division】
Management and Planning Department
Product Procurement Department
  ∟Distribution Business Section
  ∟Dubai Branch
Sales Department
  ∟Sales Division 1 Section
  ∟Sales Division 2 Section, Fukuoka Branch
Inside Sales and Customer Service Department
  ∟Inside Sales and Customer Service Section
  ∟E-commerce Section
Sales Promotion Department
  ∟Corporate Sales Section
Operations Department

【Technical Support Division】
Refurbishment Department
Corporate Department
Outsourcing Department

【Brand Strategy Division】
Human Resources and General Affairs Department
Accounting Department
Public Relations Department

Company Establishment



10 million JPY

Annual Sales

Fiscal year 2001 JPY 100 million
Fiscal year 2002 JPY 300 million
Fiscal year 2003 JPY 400 million
Fiscal year 2004 JPY 450 million
Fiscal year 2005 JPY 730 million
Fiscal year 2006 JPY 690 million
Fiscal year 2007 JPY 800 million
Fiscal year 2008 JPY 1 billion
Fiscal year 2009 JPY 600 million
Fiscal year 2010 JPY 500 million
Fiscal year 2011 JPY 400 million
Fiscal year 2012 JPY 700 million
Fiscal year 2013 JPY 1.1 billion
Fiscal year 2014 JPY 1.8 billion
Fiscal year 2015 JPY 2.5 billion
Fiscal year 2016 JPY 2 billion
Fiscal year 2017 JPY 3.6 billion
Fiscal year 2018 JPY 4.6 billion
Fiscal year 2019 JPY 5 billion
Fiscal year 2020 JPY 5.7 billion
Fiscal year 2021 JPY 4.4 billion
Fiscal year 2022 JPY 3.2 billion


80 (Including contractors/part-time workers) *As of October 20, 2023

Main Banks
(Alphabetical Order)

The Ashikaga Bank
The Gunma Bank
The Shoko Chukin Bank
The Joyo Bank
The Chiba Bank
The Higashi-Nippon Bank
The Musashino Bank
The Resona Bank


Office Equipment Dealer (Secondhand) Permission No. 305501505189

Specified Worker Dispatching Business Toku 11-300626

Copyright Registration P No.8245-1 Inventory Inspection Management System

Registration of Customs Issue Code (Import and Export Code)

Privacy Mark No.10530081

TOKYO Work Style Reform Declaration Company – Declaring Number 29I126

Food Safety Manager 2017 01 No. 323

SDG Promotion Fund Private Placement Bond Issuance

Designated store for dealing with tax exempted foreign diplomatic establishments

Funagata, Yamagata Prefecture: Bidding Rights Registration No. 781

Tateyama, Toyama Prefecture: Bidding Rights Registration No. 1903

Chiba Prefecture: Bidding Rights Registration No. 1-19-ロ-A-053

(Alphabetical Order)

AI Labor and Social Security Attorney Corporation

Aoki Accounting Office

Kusunoki・Iwasaki・Sawano Law Office